"The boy has not got more energy."

Translation:Drengen har ikke flere kræfter.

May 8, 2015

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I wrote energi and was marked wrong, when it specifically wrote just this example only a few sentences earlier. I am confused. Can someone please explain this?


energi is among the correct possibilities when I hover over the word energy and yet it was not accepted


Becky and Lisa, I also put in 'energi' and was marked wrong. I think this is something of a dirty trick by Duo. I suspect 'kraefter' also means 'strength'; why didn't they write that? I have reported it, although that doesn't usually make a difference.


In this instance would 'mere' not be more appropriate? I thought 'flere' was most making this translation "the boy does not have the most power'.

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    For some reason, kræfter is countable in this case, and for that reason it should be "flere". Alternatively, you could say energi:

    • Drengen har ikke flere kræfter.

    • Drengen har ikke mere energi.

    By the way:

    • The boy does not have the most power = "Drengen har ikke flest kræfter" or "Drengen har ikke mest energi."


    I think it is because kræfter is forces in english and mesured in newton

    But it is funny that kræfter is countable and time is not


    wrong dict. hints...that is what i hate, it's so frustrating!


    I too wrote energi as I thought kræfter was strength. Please explain the difference between the two.


    For Germans it sounds funny to put "kraft" in the plural. We also have the word "Kraft" meaning "energy, power, force", but it's usually used in singular only. In its plural form "Kräfte" it gets kind of an overnatural meaning like magical powers or something.


    Why is mere energi not acceptable?? There is no the word kræfter in hints?


    Clunky English sentence.


    kraft is given as the hover hint???????????????


    There is apparently no moderator for this group. Comments and online feedback are never taken into account. Duolingo Danish is a orphan course. It's sad because there is A LOT that needs fixing.


    ja, alas !! i'm afraid you're right


    It's so difficult to learn when we're not given support from the correct hints.

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