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  5. "I er også doktorer."

"I er også doktorer."

Translation:You are also doctors.

May 8, 2015



In the translation is a single combined with a plural. They are also doctors, should be the correct translation, i think.

[deactivated user]

    The translation is correct. Both sentences mean "You (plural) are also doctors".


    Actually, you are right! Thanks. As a plural I use the word 'you" only in combination with another word, as in (i.g.) you all. Without any hint it sounds strange to me.


    i think læge would be a more common word for doctor? Never heard anyone use doktor.


    You are quite right if you are thinking af a physician "læge" is now more common (and more precisely). In Denmark "doktor" is also an academic tittle given to someone who has written and defended thesis, which could be about almost anything. Two and three generations back it vas normal to call the physician "doktor", and you can still hear it now and then.


    It's like German Arzt and Doktor. Normal people use Doktor, but universities or authorities use Arzt.


    is the g in også silent? if so are there rules around a silent g


    Yes it is silent. I don't think that there are rules. You just... know it then.

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