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Fluency percentage

My spanish fluency is 3% and I conquered the spanish tree, level 11, what's that about?

My french fluency is 11% and I can't barely eve say hello :P

May 8, 2015



What do you mean? Would you mind explaining?


The shield where it says how much fluency you got on each language says 3% on spanish, but it ought to be higher no since I completet the whole tree? I did like 2 skills of french and the shield there says the fluency is at 11% ? Thanks for replying


Your Spanish tree is probably not in a golden state and most of the words are in a weak state. Based on the word strength, it's estimating a low fluency. For the French, you probably have just started and the skills are golden (good word strength). But the number of words learnt is still low. Hence it shows a better fluency percentage, but still not very high.


Ah okay I understand how the fluency works now thanks : )


I don't have a shield...


I have just noticed the Fluency Shield! Kind of weird... It used to indicate in another place a higher percentage. Do anyone know how this percentage is calculated? I finished my tree long ago, and continue Duolingo on a daily basis but it only shows at 55%! (the shield is on the top right corner of your home screen in a yellow colour -can not speak for the mobile version)


The fluency shield is really weird! it tells you nothing, and is based on an absolutely warped calculation! It should be removerd asap!

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