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"Elles peuvent offrir quelque chose d'autre."

Translation:They can offer something else.

December 24, 2012



Sometimes "quelque chose" is translated as "anything". How then to correctly say "They can offer anything else"?


I'd like an answer to that also.


is 'they can give something different.' wrong?


I think that "something else" and "something different" are as close as "quelque chose d'autre" and "quelque chose de différent". So, yes, both are accepted now.


Question for a fluent French speaker... Am I wrong or should I report this to DL...I said, "They can buy something different." Isn't BUY a correct translation, also? I personally would have used "acheter" for the verb "buy" but I just used it here since it was also a given translation of "offrir."


In this instance, having no context, you should stick to what is proposed: "offer" is broader in meaning than "buy".

There are lots of things (material or not) that you can "offer" without any payment. you may also consider that "offer" may mean "propose" (proposer" which would only reinforce what I just said.

Note: when the English is "buy", the French do not always use "acheter"; ex: "can I buy you a drink?" = "puis-je t'offrir un verre ?" - the reason is cultural (our catholic roots...): we avoid mentioning money for presents/gifts.


This is good info to know and apply. Wouldn't want to say something that would be considered rude, or socially/culturally wrong or of poor etiquette. I do understand that I should have used the verb with the broader use/meaning, but I was simply "experimenting" if you will with the various translations, which I sometimes do just to get a sense of what is correct / when. This is one of those times that I learned by my experimentation. I do still think "TECHNICALLY" DL should have accepted it, but no biggie for me. Thanks again for your explanation and deeper delve into the cultural aspect.


This exchange demonstrates that "experimenting" is part of the best practices to learn any language, beyond what is proposed. I certainly cannot disapprove of it: perfect with me!


I wrote "Elle peut" because with out listening to it slowly, I could not hear the "v" so could not tell it was plural.

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