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  5. "We live near the border."

"We live near the border."

Translation:Vi bor nær grænsen.

May 8, 2015



How about "Vi bor nær ved grænsen"? (was not accepted) Is there a difference in the meaning?


Are there any moderators around that will answer our questions? "Nær" and "ved" were both options in the hints. "Near the border" and "by the border" mean virtually the same thing in English. Can a moderator explain why they don't work here? If they don't, then why is "ved" offered as an alternative selection? Is there anyone out there reading our questions? Please give us an answer from time to time.


dont worry . knowing the difference between these two words means you are well a head in danish. So if you dont know it now, dont worry you cause willl pick it up slowly in the future


Can this also be "vi bor ved grænsen"?

[deactivated user]

    That means "We live by/at the border"


    Why not "vi bor i nærheden af grænsen?"

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