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Did anyone else notice that October 9th is Hangul Day?


October 9th is the date that something big will be coming to Duolingo. Most people seem to think (As do I) that it will be course creation tools. Though, I wonder if they chose October 9th because it is Hangul Day or not. Maybe they will be releasing an already made Korean course alongside the course creation tools! Yeah... probably not gonna happen.

September 22, 2013



Oh how I wish this is real! I totally forgot that October 9th is Hangul day. I've been waiting for Duolingo to release Asian languages, ESPECIALLY Korean since that's the language I'm currently putting the most focus on. Maybe we're just dreaming. ^^" But who knows, we might be surprised~.


Oh Korean would be great! I don't think it will be Korean though :(


I'm sure that there will be some other day going on another country on that day too. Many days are significant to many different countries.

It will be the language adding tools on October 9th. Chill out guys you will get your Asian languages.


Of course there are other significant things going on around the world on October 9th, but none that I am aware of are for anything related to the national language of said place. Hangul Day commemorates the invention and proclamation of the Korean alphabet. As for the language creation tools coming out on that day, I already said as much.


That's great, i did not know what Hangui Day was. I have never heard of this day before. I thought it was a bit of a tenuous link you were making. It makes more sense now you have explained it. I'm glad you're passionate about learning Korean.

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