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Advise, please, where can I search for native speakers to practice speaking English? Paid services very much, but I want something free, like Duolingo :)

For example, I know but there is almost no native speakers of English.

May 8, 2015

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Try Yesterday I found a few Brazilian guys learning Russian, contacted them and had a little chat with one of them in Portuguese. I'm sure you will find English speakers who are interested in Russian or just eager to chat with you.

Italki advertises its paid services and teachers, but what you need is Community → Language Partners. I recommend you to message several people at first and later you'll filter out those who don't help much. Start with messaging, and after you make good friends with someone, invite them to a Skype chat.

Also, the Russian for English speakers Duolingo course is expected to be released in summer, and I suggest you to take the reverse tree, i.e. "learn" Russian through English. I believe there will be many English speakers needing help with Russian, and you can practice writing while helping them, and, again, find language partners.

The skype is the best way to talk. There are many English speaking people here who want to learn Russian. You can help each other for free. You can try to find a partner among native speakers here.

Excuse me for question, but how I can find people in Skype who does not mind to have a practice English too?

You can check this website You can also post here (duolingo in English)

Yeah, there is a great shortage of English natives, coz everybody learns English) but you can use, for example,, its free, alhough they had paid services as well.

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