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"Io voglio un panino con formaggio ed un bicchiere d'acqua."

December 24, 2012



"I want a sandwich with cheese" is also as valid a response as "I want a cheese sandwich."


To me, "a cheese sandwich" and "a sandwich with cheese" are not the same. A "Cheese sandwich" is made up of cheese and bread, whereas a "sandwich with cheese" is some other kind of sandwich that you are ADDING cheese to. What is the meaning here?


In case you want to change the system of translating the word, please write a Support to the Duo team.

I think we Italian are not so strict with the "al/con/col formaggio" thing.

Of course "con" formaggio would suggest that there is other stuff as well, "al" e "col" would make think that cheese is the main ingredient, but I suppose that's very subtle and can be ignored.


How about "per favore" at the end??


I would like is a translation for io voglio offered by the "you peeked" drop downs, yet it was counted wrong. It is not, of course the subjunctive case, but is a nice way of translating instead of I want.


Things not to say in Italy, the land of the greatest food and wine ever.


How about "un panino al formaggio"?


Acceptable, please report it if not.

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