I seem to be stuck. The program will not let me move on. Is there a way to keep going or is there something I don't understand?

May 8, 2015


Did you complete all the lessons of all skills of the lower row of your tree that is not grey?

Yes, I completed the bottom row that is not grey.

And what are the first grey one(s)?

I've just been continuing to practice, wondering when it would let me move on.

Adjectives 2 should be available for you to work on. Try refreshing the page and see if it helps.

remoonline is correcct.

Next Lesson Adjectives 2
Larger image

The next row of grey ones is: prepos. 1 and numbers 1. The next one is single in a row: family. These are easy, so I don't know why I can't move on. I'll try again to refresh.

So, "Present 2, Adject. 2 and Pronouns" is your current row.
And, as mentioned by remoonline and Usagiboy7, according to the website, you didn't completed Adjective 2 and, more precisely, you didn't started it.

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You are correct. I am new to this. I sent you a comment about this earlier, but it is not here. Anyway, you helped me realize my mistake. Thank you!

Happy to have helped.

About the "comment" you sent earlier: you wrote it on my stream, not in this discussion. That's why it doesn't appear here.

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