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"Quais serão suas primeiras atitudes na presidência?"

Translation:What will be your first actions in the presidency?

September 22, 2013



Atitudes = actions? Pode explicar?


Assuming the Portuguese sentence makes sense, which I believe it does, it is just a question of finding the most appropriate word or phrase in English to translate "atitudes" because the seemingly obvious word "attitudes" doesn't sound right.

The Pt/En dictionaries I looked at didn't help much, so I tried a Pt/Pt dictionary http://www.aulete.com.br/atitude and this convinced me that "actions" is not a bad translation. I also found that the phrase "tomar atitude" means "to take action" http://dictionary.reverso.net/english-portuguese/action which helped to support this viewpoint.


Hey guys :)

Atitude in portuguese has two senses. You can say "atitude" like a behavior, taking iniciative of things, or a trace of personality - I guess it would be translated as attitude - ex "era um jovem de atitude"

Or you can say atitude as it translated, as an action - ex: "sua atitude foi positiva", "ele tomou uma atitude"

So both are correct, but in this case, since they are speaking about things the president will do, not about his personality, the word more accurate is action.

Espero ter ajudado :)


And why not his/her?


"His x" and "her x" are correct translations of "o seu x" or "a sua x" (not respectively) and you're not wrong.

However, in many regions, "tu" (2nd person) is substituted with "você" (3rd person) and "nós" (2nd plural) is substituted with "a gente" (also 3rd singular). "O seu" and "a sua" already don't specify whether they refer to "ele" or "ela" -- if they can also refer to "você" and "a gente", they end up meaning "the x of somebody", which is almost useless.

So, to make things it a bit clearer, although "seu/sua" is not incorrect", when "his/her" is meant, you will usually hear "o x dele/dela" (literally, "the x of his/hers").


Quais serão suas primeiras ações na presidência?

in my opinion, "first atitudes" may sound strange - if you are thinking about actions. But without context, it would not be a totally strange question. It is normal to ask someone a question about their initial priorities and frame of mind. So, the real question is, is "what will be hour first atitudes in the presidency" technically wrong? Google translate offers exactly this, so it is a literal translation. In other questions, Duolingo would accept a literal translation and offer coaching as "another correct answer".


'What will the first actions be in your presidency?' Why would this be rejected?

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