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Speaking Challenge on Chrome

Speaking challenge is being tested right now!!! This means : You have 50% chance to be in this test. But before you start a new lesson and practice your speaking skills, make sure to check whether your microphone is on in "Account settings".

Luckily I am in the test group and tested it and I can say that I passed all speaking challenges in my first try - so it works :D

May 8, 2015


[deactivated user]

    I love so much how fast this course is improving, congratulations guys! ~


    Congratulations. The course is improving quickly. Thank you :)

    Is this type of questions uses a specific sentences only, or it uses all course sentences ?

    Unfortunately, I am not in this test group :(


    it should be using all sentences randomly


    Fantastic! Thank you very much! How will we know if we're part of the test or not? Presumably, this is not something we can opt in for?


    if your microphone settings are on, you'll just see some of these exercises when you are learning a new lesson or strengthening old ones :) and no you cannot choose to be in the test group. But I am sure the test will be succesful and it that case everyone will have it soon


    How are these speaking exercises created? None of the incubator documentation available for those who are not language developers says how it's done.

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