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  5. "Og derefter?"

"Og derefter?"

Translation:And then?

May 8, 2015



"And thereafter?"

In English legalese we might say something like "The first of May and thereafter", meaning the period of time falling after the first of May. Is it similar in dansk?

[deactivated user]

    Yes, although it isn't restricted to formal use in Danish.


    I am a native english speaker and wrote "and after" which is considered wrong. It would be best to say "and afterwards" but it would not strike me as unusual to hear "and after"..


    Is it incorrect to translate this to "and after?"


    I think "And afterwards?" sounds better and should be right. In English, "And after?" sounds wrong; maybe "And after this/that?" fits better. By the way: since you are learning German "Og derefter?" wonderfully translates to "Und danach?", with "der = da, dort" and "efter = nach".


    Dude, hvor er min bil?


    Really think that 'and after' should be accepted.

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