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  5. "Du læser den forkerte avis."

"Du læser den forkerte avis."

Translation:You read the wrong newspaper.

May 9, 2015



I remember the word 'forkerte' by thinking of a fork in the road- you'll probably choose the wrong way (: (In case anyone else hqs the same problem)


That's really good, but if you know German it is much easier to remember since one word for "wrong" is "verkehrt", a clear cognate of "forkert".


Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road


Is newspaper supposed to be plural? Why is it forkerte.

[deactivated user]

    You add -e to most adjectives in the definite use. Read more here


    I can't click on the link via the app? Can you as the URL? Thanks


    Link doesn't work. URL please?


    The link worked for me. Took me here: http://ielanguages.com/danish3.html

    Then scroll down to 43. Adjectives

    Edit Also noticed there's a typo. It should be "flotte biler", not "flotte bilar"


    i need to find out the difference between 'wrong' and 'bad' - feel free to leave a comment


    Bad is Darlig for a start. Also, this sentence is essentially saying that the person in question reads a newspaper with the wrong political opinion or lacks intelligence, according to the speaker.

    They're not saying that it's a bad thing to read that newspaper but they are saying that it's the wrong one to read.


    Berlingske v Politiken?


    I went with fork hurter (we don't pronounce our hs anyway), sticking it in your eye was the wrong choice :)

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