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Is there a way to permanently delete a course from your account?

I'm wondering if there's a way. I wanted to see how the English for Polish speakers course looks like, but I'm not really interested in taking it and now it seems that I cannot delete it from my account, since it's the only course I'm 'taking' in Polish (I can only reset my progress which I did).

May 9, 2015



Indeed, you can't.


Too bad. I'm sure I'm not the first person to have this problem so maybe posts like mine will prompt mods to do something about it.


However, it's not something that prevent you from following the course you want to follow. So not sure it's considered as a problem.


go to settings-then learning languages-then reset or remove courses


Yes, I did that, but I'm taking English->French and I was curious about Polish->English and when you're taking two courses in two different languages, it seems impossible to remove one of them. Obviously, I agree with jrikhal, that doesn't stop you from taking your target course, but when you're slightly ocd and you want to keep everything neat and tidy... you're well aware of the fact that it can make you descent into madness . Ok, jk. Or maybe I'm not :x


Thank you so much! This information should be on the FAQ.

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