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  5. "Onde fica o caixa?"

"Onde fica o caixa?"

Translation:Where is the cashier?

September 22, 2013



Is "Where is the box?" not correct for this translation?


No, caixa as box is a feminine word, so the translation is "onde fica A caixa?"


Is it usual for a word with two different meanings to have two different genders? That seems odd to me. But thank you for the explanation :D


With some words it happens...

  • a cabeça = the head / o cabeça = the leader.
  • a capital = the capital / o capital = the amount of money.


This is why duolingo should include the article when it translates something.. I don't get why that hasn't been done already


Yes, I absolutely agree. Either that or duolingo some include some context.


Ok cool, thank you!


O grama =the gram / a grama = the grass.


At the same time, “a caixa“ is also a female cashier?


Thanks for the explanation below, that's good to know. But when I hover over the word it says 'box' in the list of translations and says it is masculine. So 'o caixa' being taught by duolingo also means box - should it be corrected by someone?


well, I've never seen o caixa to mean box :S


...hover over the word caixa at the top of this page... you will see it has 'box' in the list of translations of the masculine noun. :/


Sorry Paolo, I'm confused :) I think there is a mistake in the translation that Duolingo has... but thanks to you we have a proper explanation. Muito obrigado :)


What about the thing in BP where you don't tend to say "um"/"uma" before a profession....does this only apply to the 1st person?

I am a cashier = Eu sou caixa? I am the cashier = Eu sou o caixa? He is a cashier = Ele e caixa? or Ele e o caixa.?


Yes, the same rule for any pronoun!


I have just checked dicionário básico da lingua portuguesa and caixa is "a caixa "and" A caixa registadora".another annoying clash between BP and PP.


Yeah, this is tricky and Duolingo gives an incorrect hint, but ultimately the solution is correct.

I mean, I'm totally gonna mix them up forever, but it's right.


Paulenrique - you are a star!


Gosh, when I saw "o caixa" for a minute I thought I had always used the wrong article telling my BR customers that the boxes of their spare part orders were ready...! XD Luckily I just learnt something new & interesting, thank you Duo & thank you Paulenrique!


Oh men this thing of a word being feminine or not and having two different meanings is news to me. It just crashed my head and i don't wanna think about it now.

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