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I now have 5 skills that won't turn gold

I need my spanish gold. I have tried strengthening individual lessons, re-doing lessons, and general strengthening. The other day I finished a new lesson and I only got 4/5 for my effort.

Please duo address the issue. I miss my gold tree.

May 9, 2015



Probably because when you strengthen your lesson, if you get mistakes, it will make it 4/5 or 3/5 becuase of mistakes!


Well I just did Adjectives 2 perfectly and it didn't "golden". Besides you can make mistakes and still strengthen an exercise, it just deteriorates faster.


I'm having the same problem in French. It's driving me nuts! I get it all right, do it speedily, yet stick stubbornly with 4/5. Please could something be done


I'm having the same problem. No matter how many times I do "Demonstratives 2" perfectly, it won't turn golden. I swear to you that I don't need any more practice with "Je mange cela."


Possible Solution So today on a whim I used the app on android and to my surprise I was able to strengthen my skills. I always practice on my chromebook, and never use the app. So based on this I did a full "cleansing" of my browser and things seem back to normal.

Hope this helps others.

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