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Streak Freeze Issues

I am nearly positive I had streak freeze on, but when I visited today, I found my streak has been broken. I've confirmed that I've only missed one day according to my XP graph, so it can't be because I accidentally missed two days without realizing. Is there a way to check if this is an error?

Edit: ... does not meeting your daily goal still expire your Streak Freeze? (Seriously?)

May 9, 2015



"Edit: ... does not meeting your daily goal still expire your Streak Freeze? (Seriously?)"
=> Yes/ The streak is the number of consecutive days you've reach your daily goal.
You can lower it.


For the day to count for streak progress, the user needs to meet the daily goal. Streak will be reset if goal is not met, unless there is a streak freeze in place.


Ok, good to know. Thanks.

Feedback: It would be helpful if there was a warning on the Daily Goal informing the user of potential threat to their streak. I would have taken it more seriously if I knew (for sure) that it wasn't superficial.


To monitor your streak, you need to watch the streak icon at the top of the page. If it has a green checkmark, then your daily streak is current. If it does not have a green checkmark, then you have not completed the current day. This is how you know. The daily graph has nothing to do with your streak.


Thanks, that's good to know too.

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