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May 9, 2015



I must say, it is indeed a little close to the Spanish araña and the French araignée, (and of course, the Latin aranea or the Esperanto araneo, if you wish). Seems superficial, though — I can't find a connection. The Turkish word apparently comes from Old Turkic örümçek meaning spider but literally meaning weaver, and the Latin aranea is possibly from the greek arákhnē. We know of the legend of Arakhne the weaver who was turned into a spider by Athena. Is arákhnē related to örümçek? There is less resemblance between those than between örümcek and aranea (when pronunced). So perhaps not.


We in Persian, call a very naughty, small little kid which cant stay calm!, & you also can not catch him/her, a "Vörücek"! :) It is written like this " وروجک ".


What its prounce ..please write it in english form


Exactly same as in Turkish "Vörücek" or "Voroojak".


in last k is prounce or not ?


Yeah, last k is prounced. Exactly the same as Turkish.

Örümcek (Turkish) = Spider (English)

Örümcek (Persian) = Small naughty kid :)


I think that's a coincidence, but I'm still going to use it to help me remember the word.


A good way to test it is to see if the Turkic languages spoken further away from Europe - such as Kazakh or Uyghur - have a similar word for spider. If they don't, it's more likely that a Turkish word has been influenced by Turkey's neighbors. In this case though, the resemblance is fairly superficial, so it's likely a neat coincidence :)


Örmek means "to knit". It is completely Turkic.


Is it pronounced "urumjek" or "urumjé"?


The k is fully pronounced. Almost all Turkish words are pronounced exactly how they are written! :)


Alexin, from your name you seem like a nice Turkish guy, but how come you also learning Turkish in Duolingo among other languages?!


I am not Turkish, nor is my name Alexin. My name is Alex and I helped contribute to this course. This means I also wanted to try it out myself.


Ok... I understand... Then thanks a lot for the contribution....


Can i ask you how did you learn turkish and how long did it take for you to learn it at a pro level, as i notice you're at?


But you have very very very good knowledge of turkish language..you friend or some family member belongs to turkey ?


Just curious, is there an alternate Turkish word for "spider" similar to "ankabût"? Arabic and Persian share this word for spider, and I was wondering if Turkish had it also.


I have never heard or seen anything like that, but it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. I will ask Selcen.


There is no such word, or any other alternative :-)


Thank you guys for checking. If it ever existed, my guess is that it was an obscure Ottomanism. As you know, it was fashionable to use Perso-Arabic vocabulary and constructions in the most "sophisticated" literary and poetic levels of the language during the Ottoman period. I studied Arabic and Persian, so I'm always on the lookout for borrowed elements in Turkish ;) Teşekkürler!


Actually we in Persian use this Turkish word, to call a naughty person (usually kids), "Örümcek" is a cute word, but sometimes some parents will get upset if you call their kids "Örümcek" in front of them,


What does it mean? Tx


so basically we say Orumeck for spider, and pronounce the 'K'..but in the accusative term we say 'Orumjegi' by not pronouncing the 'G'..am I correct? Lingot me if u r learning Turkish because of Dirrilis Ertugrul..!


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