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"Jeg synes det er foruroligende."

Translation:I think it is disturbing.

May 9, 2015



I just love how a computer voice can sound so upset :)!


For anyone who wants an analysis of this horrible word: for-u-ro-lig-e-nde

  • for- - (prefix) being put in a certain state
  • u- - (prefix) the opposite, un-
  • ro - (noun) calm, quiet, silence
  • -lig - (suffix) turns a noun into an adjective
  • -e - (suffix) turns an adjective into an action of progressing towards that state
  • -nde (suffix) makes the present participle of a verb, -ing

ro - calm
uro - turmoil, riot
urolig - tumultous
forurolige - to disturb, make someone unwell
foruroligende - disturbing


i think that the voice that pronounces this foruroligende is very disturbing


According to Den Danske Ordbog it should be /fɒuˈʁoˀliənə/ - so roughly “foe row lee-uh-nuh“


Beunruhigend in German with just the same meaning: how funny is that!


I also love such words. My personal favourite is uafhængig :D But I can never remember how to spell it.


Mine er rigtig, udvikle, gerne, vigtig, og virkelig


Unfortunately, there is no verunruhigend in German. It is beunruhigend. But your verunruhigend is a nice mnemonic for me, since I could not memorize the meaning of foruroligende. All I have to do now is to memorize the spelling. Anyway, have a lingot.


True! Thanks for the correction :)


It is also constructed in the same way RyagonIV has detailed out for the Danish word:

be - put in a state/ add to something, un - negation, ruhig - calm, -end - suffix that turns the verb into a participle.


This vaguely sounds like furrow lines, and that's how I'll remember it. Things that are disturbing or worrying give me furrow lines on my forehead.


i use these mnemonic devices all the time and this one is simply brilliant, thank you, here comes the lingot!


What about preoccupying?


Yes, I'd say that is an excellent translation. Personally, I tried with 'concerning', which wasn't accepted either. I find 'disturbing' a bit too strong to match foruroligende, really...


How would one know whether it is "it" or "that" used?


Usually det is "it" unless it's directly in front of a noun.


The way she says foruroligende is disturbing!


"I find it disturbing" is wrong?


It's a better English sentence, but the Danish course is not among the best when it comes to alternatives accepted, and it also have a tendency to prefer/expect very literal translations, even if these make a bad English sentence.

Keep reporting to make the course better! :-)

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