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Where to find Turkish films in English (subs/dubs)

Hi, I am really interested in watching classic Turkish films such as Hababam Sinifi, Hababam Sinifi Uyaniyor, Saban Oglu Saban, Bekçiler Krali, Kapicilar Krali, Çöpçüler Krali.

Do any Turkish speakers know the best place to find these Turkish comedies (with Kemal Sunal, directed by Ertem Egilmez) with English subtitles or dubbing?

Thank you!!

May 9, 2015



I don't think there is any English dubbed Turkish movie, but I think you can find English subtitles for Turkish movies on subtitle websites.


its hard to find such classic comedies with english subtitles. but after 90s movies is reachable.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhgdiYkJkC4 or this website includes a lot of english subtitles (website in turkish) http://altyazi.org/sub/s/86150/Hababam-sinifi.html


I totally recommend Bal (Honey) movie. It's simply delicious.


As for me I don't like translated films. It's better to watch them in turkish and feel the turkish mentality through the language.


Check out viki.com. It's mainly focused on Korean dramas, but they also have a good collection of Turkish movies and TV series.


I know a site, also ruling that website. http://watchturkishmovies.com. For now updating, in future will be great ! Take care yourself !


I know this is an old topic but in case people check it now I want to give an update. Currently there are so many Turkish films and Turkish series on Netflix with English subtitles.


I need to find a link where I can watch latest movies especially kardeşim Benim 2. If you can help please do. Thankyou

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