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Excel/CSV download of vocabulary list?

Hi, I have been making custom conjugation tables in excel (since with irregular verbs I often get confused that different forms are the same word for example oigo vs oyen, I wanted to copy my vocabulary list into excel and highlight the words I don't know as well so I can review them, but I'm not sure there's an easy way.

I think it would be cool to have an option to download our current vocabulary list (maybe even have different tabs for the different categories ie nouns, numbers, verbs, etc). I don't know how hard that would be to program but if it's possible I'd love to see it.

December 24, 2012



How about the option to export to Quizlet?


Excellent request, and to push it even further: no API is ok, downloadable sets of data regarding our progress on Duolingo would be terrific for data nerds like me. Imagine visualizing where you fail most of the time using a nice Tableau representation.

Rewards and points are good indicators, but the ability to view the whole forest and then drill-down on weak points would be appreciated. Again, only for a sub-set of a sub-set of the population. hehe

Thanks guys for the fabulous work


There is one way to "export" data. First, open Duolingo from the web page. Then open Excel and you're ready to go.

~In Duolingo, go to the vocabulary tab ~Scroll down the page until all of your vocabulary words are loaded on the screen ~Right-click somewhere in the page and choose "select all." This copies the entire page, making it ready to paste elsewhere ~Go to Excel ~Left-click in the top left cell, A1 ~Right-click in the same cell ~Select "Paste"

All of your vocabulary words will now be listed in Excel.

One formatting helper is to select the left-hand column with the root words listed and format the alignment for "center." This will center all of the root words from the left, on their associated forms in the right column. Also, All of the links from the original words will still work for you when you click on the root word which will appear in blue.

Good luck, my friends!


One column is missing: The English translation!


On a related note, you may find the conjugator from wordreference.com useful.


I would love the option to download vocabulary and conjugation lists. That or have them on my Nook/Android phone


Same request, just easier. Could you have a formatted list such that I can just cut and paste into excel? My mother is a native speaker and my daughters are using duoling, and I desperately need to give my mom a list of vocabulary they know to help her use words they know, rather than just yelling in spanish (in the manner that prevented my dad and me from learning spanish)


See my post below about how to do this. :)


Great idea! Pls Duolingo team make it possible!

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