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  5. "Hoy, él es el fiscal."

"Hoy, él es el fiscal."

Translation:Today, he is the prosecutor.

December 24, 2012



fiscal = prosecutor, which is never said in the dictionary.


I only got "fiscal" and "tax" from the dictionary-- nothing that implied lawyer/prosecutor at all.


lawyer should work tooooo that is what it said fiscal meant on another discusion!!!! stupido


I got this correct, but only because I used google translate. Please correct Duolingo's dictionary options for this. It shows fiscal and tax, which I understand are used as adjectives, not noun as in this case.


Where do you get Duolingo's dictionary? do you mean when you hover over it?


They should take lawyer out of the definition list


prosecutor is now in the dictionary, woot!


why doesn't lawyer work in this sentence? can fiscal also mean defending lawyer?


Fiscal always refers to the prosecution. A prosecutor is a type of lawyer, sure. But the word for a lawyer in general is abogado.


I tried lawyer (which was in the dictionary) and it was not accepted!!!


Attorney: somebody qualified to practice law: a qualified professional adviser on legal matters who can represent clients in court
Prosecutor = Prosecuting attorney: *U.S.* lawyer representing government: a lawyer representing the state or the people in a criminal trial Webster International
matches better
fiscal: 2. com. Ministro encargado de promover los intereses del fisco. || 3. Persona que representa y ejerce el ministerio público en los tribunales. RAE http://lema.rae.es/drae/?val=fiscal


Attorney should work as translation for fiscal.


When I hovered over fiscal it gave me attorney as an option, but when I used attorney in my anwer I got it wrong because I was missing a word. I was told I should have said "district attorney", not just "attorney". Either the drop down definition, or the answer is wrong.


no mention of prosecutor as a translation for fiscal...


Yea! Duolingo has added "prosecutor, attorney, lawyer" to dictionary, so someone on staff is paying attention to your report a problem and/or comments.


My translation of "Hoy, e(accent)l es el fiscal.": "Today, he is the lawyer." Annnnnnnd it was wrong....


I put today he is the lawyer' as this was one of the given translations. This is also correct but was marked wrong!


Now they have taken lawyer off, and attorney was marked wrong!


When answering el fiscal attorney was accepted. Now not accepted. Yes you can be the appointed attorney for the day. You can be a substitute, a public defender, the attorney for a specific witness etc etc. I agree we shouldn't be so concerned about hearts but when I have 19/20 completed right I have to finish with three stars or I can't move on. Now afterhe fourth attempt I want to move on but won't allow myself so I start over again, fifth round because of a weak answer. Darn here I go again.


Today, he is the attorney should be allowed as well, thank you


today, he is the prosecutor. Tomorrow it's my turn lol


Why would attorney be of but not lawyer?


Why put a second meaning of a word, and then when I use it it counts it wrong. >:\


I am guessing but chances are the second, third or foruth choice will be used at some time in the future in another context. That's been my experience.

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