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  5. "Örümceği görüyor musun?"

"Örümceği görüyor musun?"

Translation:Do you see the spider?

May 9, 2015



Why isn't "are you seeing the spider" incorrect?


"to see" is a stative verb (and probably the most stative of all of the stative verbs). Unless is has a future sense, has the idiomatic meaning "to date," or you are looking into a crystal ball and seeing something inside of it, it isn't normally used in the present continuous. :) I hope that makes sense!


I think it makes sense! But I do think that contextually you could say "hey, are you seeing the spider, the one that's front of you, like right now?". I'm not sure it's such an abnormal construction and maybe it should be taken as correct, especially since in Turkish "görüyor müsün" is close to the present continuous.


Hmm ... that sentence, to me, makes it sound like I'm uncertain as the existence of that spider. Like, "Are you seeing that spider too?" would make it sound like I'm seeking confirmation that there's actually a spider there and I'm not just hallucinating it. Or maybe even I'm sure that I'm hallucinating and I'm wondering if you're having the same hallucination


That construction definitely doesn't exist in my English (I do natively speak a more conservative dialect though, so I am not too surprised). I will ask a few friend to see if that is ok to them too, and if I get mostly positive feedback, I will add it. Thanks for the heads-up! :)


Hmmm It appears that "to see" can be categorized as a stative verb or used in idiomatic and future aspect constructions as Alexin correctly points out. Also, one of Dowty's test is to check for progressive tense constructions. So a sentence like the following is thought to be an exception:

I am seeing Donald Trump, and I am seeing a concert at the Lincoln center with him.

Generally, stative verbs cannot be used in the progressive sense:

I am knowing (the answer).

On the other hand, in normal American parlance "are you seeing" is used quite often, with different degrees of idiomatic and figurative charater. Such a construction does exist in English:

(Where) are you seeing the red X?

Are you seeing it unfold in front of your eyes.

Are you seeing how the spider just turned color.

Are you seeing the spider do something it had never done before.

Are you seeing the color purple for the first time? (youtube “En Chroma)

Are you seeing now what I have been pointing at?

Are you seeing the explosion (unfold)?

Are you seeing the spider just sitting there (crying)?

Perhaps the correct verb to use in some cases is "to look" which requires an active volition of the agent, but I agree with OP that "are you seeing" should be accepted.


First,your question is grammatically incorrect, as why isn't incorrect has double negation,which is wrong. Second,the expression "Are you seeing someone" means "Are you involved in romantic relationship at the moment with a boy/girlfriend?" А. Двойное отрицание недопустимо, к примеру I don't see nothing . Такие конструкции часто у негров южных штатов встречаются-в песнях и речи-но они грамматически неверны. Б. Are you seeing someone означает Встречаешься с кем-нибудь сейчас? в значении романа,а не встреч по делу. HTH!


Can you see the spider? is marked as incorrect. The same meaning surely?
Maybe more English than US ?

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