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(Unofficial) Duolingo Vocabulary Manager [and practice] Chrome Web Browser Extension

I just thought I should share this extension which is available in the chrome web store. It allows you to practice a vocabulary, without needing to access duolingo, it even has the ability to use it offline.

It is still rough around the edges but hopefully the developer can sort them out eventually.


Hope it helps in your quest to learn your language.

Disclaimer: I'm not the author of that application, nor do I know the author. This extension is NOT as far as I know, approved or developed by DuoLingo.

September 22, 2013



Sorry, but I'm not gonna use it. It's because nouns are without articles - which are very important.

People, please stop making language learning apps without articles! There's so much of them already.


interesting ..


Huh...it looks like basically the same thing as the "Practice Weakest Words" button on the Vocabulary page, but flash-card style instead of in sentences. I can see the appeal of practicing that way, though, so I'll give it a try.


Well, I tried it, and while I really like the idea, this execution didn't work very well for me. I'm not sure if the problem is on the developer's end, or the fact that the Duolingo vocab list was made for use in sentences, but the flash cards wanted answers that were way too specific. Like, it asked for a preposition in Portuguese meaning "on the, in the, at the" and out of all the possible answers ("no, na, em os, etc.) would only accept "nos". And it gave English verbs in random tenses, but only wanted Portuguese verbs in the infinitive, which is confusing and not very useful. It really only worked for nouns, but even they didn't have genders attached. 2/5 from me...but it's free, so it wouldn't hurt anyone else to give it a try! And I would really like to see a flash card option on here, or an improved version of this add-on in the future.


Well, I have to agree that it still is quite rough. The problem is both from the developer's end and from Duolingo's side.

Duolingo doesn't offer a good way to extract and/or see the gender of the noun in the vocabulary list. You have to select each word to see its gender. In terms of prepositions, its mostly the developers problem.

In any event, my guess is the extension is still in Beta(experimental stages) that's probably why the developer didn't post it here, and why it still doesn't look complete.

Here's a link to his discussion: http://www.reddit.com/r/duolingo/comments/1mo6ur/im_making_a_chrome_extension_for_studying/


Ah, that makes sense. Hopefully they'll be able to iron this stuff out. :)

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