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Hola mis amigos! Soy nueva!

Hello duolingo people! Me nombre es Tsubaki y soy nueva. I hope to learn some more Spanish on this site but first, is there anything I should know? I don't want to do anything that offends anyone or anything :)

3 years ago



Well, you should not beg for lingots and don't post unnecessary things on discussion. Otherwise, you will be fine, I hope you have an awesome time on Duolingo! This website is awesome! :)

3 years ago


Hola, Me nombre is Zachary y soy nueva asi! No sabo pero no debes preocuparse (I dont know but you shouldn't worry). I think that's how you say it

3 years ago


Sabo = sé :)

3 years ago


It's good to start up friendly conversations in the language you're learning, so that others can practice speaking it too. Just a tip.

3 years ago


I can help you, i can teach yo spanish and you teach me English, i need to improve it. Search me on Facebook as Reylans LAdera or Skype: Reylans.ladera1

3 years ago