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Remove languages

Hello, I saw this lovely web-based program duoLingo today and really liked it. Before all my words, I wish to thank the developers of this website so much. It is not an important problem actually but I wanted to ask.

Are we able to remove the languages we added before. I added 3 languages more by mistake. I just wanted to have a look at the others and now I do not want to see them written on my profile. (As Portuguese Level 1, German Level 1, Italien Level 1) I may learn them later but for now it does not seem so.

In fact, there is a forum topic about this issue which has been asked 7 months ago. But there were no solution and it is claimed (by someone not admin I think) that it will be added soon, as a function of duoLingo. But I kept searching and could not find anything related with it.

The question is that; does anyone have an idea or know anything about this case?

I hope one of the admins of duoLingo may answer my question before someone else does (who doesn't know) :)

All have fun during language learning and good luck :)

September 22, 2013


[deactivated user]

    Settings (that gear in the upper right corner of your screen) -> Reset or remove languages

    Good luck :)


    Oh my God, it was really easy and I did not see the link to remove... Thank you so much :)

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