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gender of nouns

Is it possible to list the gender of the nouns on the vocabulary list? It would help in learning them to always see the gender. Thanks

September 22, 2013



i was just going to suggest they add the noun genders to the Peeks.


They used to do that, but sadly they cancelled it...


I think that one should learn new nouns together with genders so Duolingo please put them back in the vocabulary list, perhaps they could even be colour-coded (e.g. blue for masculine, red for feminine...) Please, this would really be useful and would make learning new vocabulary much easier :)


This is a great idea especially for german for which knowing gender is essential for the cases, I support this suggestion, if enough people support it hopefully they can implement it.


I just requested this myself about a week and a half ago. I even wrote directly to kristinemc, but no answer. Hopefully this will get more attention!


Possibly if enough people request the gender identification, it will return to the vocabulary list


I could really use this for French. Even making an interactive list where we have to pair or pick the gender identifier to the noun would be helpful. I.E... (le/la) cheval

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