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"Is maith leat a bheith saibhir."

Translation:You like to be rich.

May 9, 2015



I don't understand the " a bheith", why is "a" required?


The "a" is here to introduce the verbal noun and triggers lenition. I suppose that it corresponds to the English "to" in this sentence, as it introduces the verb "be".

It isn't required though, as you can say either "Ba mhaith liom a ithe" or "Ba mhaith liom ithe" for the English sentence "I would like to eat".


is this really correct english? I would say either "you "would" like to be rich", or "youI like "being" rich".


It’s correct English. Although I’d also say “being” rather than “to be” in this sentence, “You like to be rich” and “You like being rich” are identical in meaning.


Yes. It means they're rich and enjoying it. Not that they want to be


So is "a + VN" what "to + infinitive" is in English?

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