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"That is not water, it is yellow."

Translation:Dat is geen water, het is geel.

3 years ago



It's pee, don't drink it!

8 months ago


Why "Dat is niet water, het is geel" is not accepted? Can anyone explain where to use geen and niet if there is a regular rule?

6 months ago

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I think it is something like this, If it is an unspecific physical item, a cat, a dog, a bank, etc.. you would use geen. It is not a cat - Het is geen kat. It is not a bank. - Het is geen bank. That is no car - Dat is geen auto.

But when you specify it seems to change.

That is not my bank. - Dat is niet mijn bank. That is not Tom. - Dat is Tom niet.

I am still pretty confused also, just an observation.

5 months ago