"That is not water, it is yellow."

Translation:Dat is geen water, het is geel.

3 years ago



It's pee, don't drink it!

11 months ago


Why "Dat is niet water, het is geel" is not accepted? Can anyone explain where to use geen and niet if there is a regular rule?

10 months ago


I picture: That is not water, it is hielo.

3 weeks ago


Fun fact: In spanish, "yellow" sounds like "hielo", which means "ice". So everytime I see this sentence, I picture: <>.

3 weeks ago

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I think it is something like this, If it is an unspecific physical item, a cat, a dog, a bank, etc.. you would use geen. It is not a cat - Het is geen kat. It is not a bank. - Het is geen bank. That is no car - Dat is geen auto.

But when you specify it seems to change.

That is not my bank. - Dat is niet mijn bank. That is not Tom. - Dat is Tom niet.

I am still pretty confused also, just an observation.

9 months ago

6 months ago

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Sometimes word order makes me crazy.. Why not "dat is geen water, is het geel"?

1 month ago
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