"Tell her the truth."

Translation:Insígí an fhírinne di.

3 years ago



If "Insígí di an fhirinne" is incorrect for "Tell her the truth" how would one say "Tell the truth to her". Is there any distinction between it and the correct answer here?

2 years ago


What is the difference between Inis and insígí?

1 year ago


"Inis" is the singular imperative. "Insígi" is the plural impetative.

1 week ago

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Sometimes it wants the dom or di after the noun, sometimes before. Does it matter? Tell the truth to her vs. Tell to me your name.

3 years ago

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Yes, it matters. Imperative statements (such as this exercise’s translation and your other example) should have the indirect object before the direct object, so Inis dom d’ainm is correct, but this translation should have been Insígí di an fhírinne. Please report it when opportunity allows for you.

3 years ago


what is wrong with " abair lei an fhirnnne"????

9 months ago
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