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  5. "Magst du schwarze Katzen?"

"Magst du schwarze Katzen?"

Translation:Do you like black cats?

September 22, 2013



A bit out of context: Is there an equivalent of "Yes, I do" in German?, or would the answer to this be just "Ja"?


The answer would just be "Ja" or "Ja, ich mag Katzen".


There are closer equivalents than just saying "ja" or repeating the whole sentence. You can say "jawohl" to mean something like "sure do!" or in this case you can say "ja, mag ich" which is almost the exact equivalent of "yes, I do" when the question was "Magst du....?"


please correct me, Do all plural adjectives end with -en??is -en for acussative masculine only??


"Do all plural adjectives end with -en??" - Not necessarily. It depends on what type of article precedes the adjective and also on the case.

"is -en for acussative masculine only??" - No, it's used for other genders and for the plural as well.

The endings of attributive adjectives, i.e.adjectives before nouns such as "black cats", depend on three factors:

1) Type of article before the noun: der-words (=weak inflection), ein-words (=mixed inflection), unpreceded (=strong inflection)

2) Case of the noun (nominative, genitive, dative, accusative)

3) Gender/Number of the noun (masculine, feminine, neuter OR plural)

I.e. here, the noun "Katzen" is:

1) unpreceded, i.e. no article is used (=strong inflection)

2) Accusative (direct object)

3) Plural

Thus, the adjective "schwarz" gets the ending "-e".

See here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_adjectives#Weak_and_strong_inflection



Thank you:-) It really helped me to understand.


I know German has a lot of rules - but what it really needs is a decision tree!


Your explanation is concise, which I greatly appreciate. Thanks! Have a lingot.


This is the very hardest thing to get right learning german. IMO pointing to the decision table is no way to teach it. A little sympathy.


I wrote "Do you like the black cats", why it's wrong?!


Mmm Is it that "Do you like the black cats" is specific ( eg the black cats you can see) Wheras "do you like black cats" is a more general question


the question doesn't have a definite article. If it had been "Magst du die schwarzen Katzen?", then "Do you like the black cats?" would be correct


Yup! Apparently theyre lucky!


black cats are awesome


Why is it 'schwarze katze' but weisen blumen? Both are plural, feminine.


    Katze is singular feminine:
    die weiße Katze
    eine weiße Katze
    weiße Katze

    Blumen is plural:
    die weißen Blumen
    keine weißen Blumen
    weiße Blumen

    Maybe this explanation helps.


    Then why isn't the right answer "schwartzen Katzen" instead of "schwartze Katzen"


    Because there is no article before it. So it matches the line weiße Blumen which has no article in front of it and therefore -e on the adjective before the plural noun.

    Did you read the explanation that az_p linked to?


    brief and helpful explanation. Thanks

    [deactivated user]

      The link is broken; when I click on Select Word, nothing happens.


      What is this Select Word link?

      Are you using the website version of Duolingo or a mobile app?

      If it's a mobile app, is it iOS, Android, Windows Phone or something else?

      Can you show me a screenshot and tell me where you try to click, what is supposed to happen, and what actually happens?

      [deactivated user]

        The sentence doesn't come up again today. But what I've been seeing is "Magst du ------ Katzen?" where I am supposed to choose between the words displayed in the drop-down menu. When I click on "Select Word," no choices appear. I am using the website version of Duolingo on my iMac computer. This same kind of freeze has been occurring on other sentences.


        Ah, I see what you mean.

        I'm not sure whether this is something we can influence or whether it's even tied to those particular sentences -- perhaps it's just Duolingo as a whole having temporary problems.

        [deactivated user]

          I'll hope it's that Duolingo had temporary problems that are now fixed!

          [deactivated user]

            They are still not fixed. If I delete the application and reinstall it, will I lose all my lingots? (I'm thinking that perhaps my application is corrupted.)


            Oh well, the suggestion "if in doubt, guess -en" didn't work for this one.


            Once again: "You like black cats?" can suffice. Alternatively, one can ask: "You like black cats, do you?" sometimes omitting the first you.


            Once again: "You like black cats?" is not a neutral question. (At least not in the variety of English I'm familiar with.) It's instead a "surprise/confirmation" question.

            The normal way to form such a question is with "do" support: "Do you like black cats?"

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