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I finished my French tree

It took me more than a year to finish my tree, but now I finally have my beautiful golden owl to accompany the trophies from German and Swedish. To put my newly learned skills to good use, I plan to read some French novels during the summer starting with Le Petit Prince and Candide. If that goes well, I will try something a bit more demanding: I already have a copy of Stendhal's Le rouge et le noir. My ultimate goal, however, is to read À la recherche du temps perdu by Proust next Christmas. And then there is the Italian tree that needs to be completed.

I hope you all have a great summer. :)

May 10, 2015



The feels, :) Congratulations ^_^


Congratulations on finishing your tree! :D Good luck with the reading & with the Italian course, and you have a great summer as well :)


Félicitations, c'est un grand mèrite!

J'aime »Le Petit Prince« et je veux lire ça aussi. :) (After I finished my tree, too, which is still going to take a while....)


Congratulations!!! Hope your reading and the Italian tree goes well :)

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    Congratulations on completing your French Tree! It feels so great to complete a language tree. Wishing you great success in reading French books. Enjoy your summer!


    Congratulations, and thank you for the inspiration for reading French novels! Proust, yes! :)


    Lucky! I still have 5 topics left to complete my French tree! Congrats!


    Congratulations. That is wonderful. I also recommend Un certain sourire by Françoise Sagan.


    don't forget L'etranger by Camus


    Félicitations :)


    Félicitations !


    Congratulations :)


    Good for you! You have some excellent goals to keep you motivated! Keep it up :).


    Félicitations :)


    Congratulations! Le Petit Prince is a very good book, and I recommend you to watch the spectacle as well! You can search for it online on YouTube! It's a very touching story and it's a good way to practice your listening skills. I hope to master my french skills and read a few novels myself. I was a bit unsure of which to start with, but those that you are going to read sound quite interesting!

    passez de bonnes vacances aussi!


    Thanks for the tip. Here, have some lingots.




    Awesome! I can only hope I will eventually finish my French tree.

    Congratulations and good luck finishing your Italian tree. :)


    Congratulations! Those books sound interesting, but daunting to a French beginner like me! :) Good luck with the Italian tree, and again, that's amazing that you finished!


    what happen after the g owl? Congrats! i'm a sucker in french;) just don't mention it to my homies.

    [deactivated user]

      Congratulations! My goal is to finish my Italian tree so I can see Italian TV, listen to Italian songs and get the meaning and also read Italian books! When I've finished with Italian I really want to study again my Swedish even though they are in a very bad level right now... Anyway good luck with your French and I hope that you'll end and your Italian tree :)

      [deactivated user]

        Hi Zzzzz , Thanks for all your help along the way. I am quitting Duolingo. And I am sharing some lingots with you. Wishing you all the best, Carole


        Congrats, man! I've been falling off that tree a lot over the last year...

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