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"Did you watch the fights on the TV yesterday?"

Translation:Så du kampene i tv'et i går?

May 10, 2015



Can't it be 'på tv'et'?


Well..then you would be saying that the fights took place on top of the tv :)


I, together with all of my friends, say "på tv'et" and I am from Denmark. Måske er nogle mere fluekneppere end andre ;)


Well...I'm Norwegian, but all my Danish friends and colleagues say fjernsynet/TV'et. In Norwegian, you cannot even say i fjernsyn/TV....it's simply like looking at anything else, and is the only valid preposition north of Skagerak :-)


I would say you can use "i". Q: Er der noget spændende i fjernsynet" A: "Nej". At least this is how we used to say in Denmark many years ago when television began to enter the homes. Whether the young generations speak like the Norwegians, I don't really know.


Okay, I see Danes are quite literal XD


I would say jeg så kampene på TV i går, unless I wanted to stress that I watch the program on one particular TV set, whereas if I had use the Danish word fjernsyn, I would have to use the definite form fjernsynet.


Can't you use kiggede du? I tried to say it in the pronunciation exercise but it wouldn't recognise it...


'Så du kampene I/på TV i går' should be accepted.


Why "tv'et"?! I wrote "Fjernsyn" :/


The TV = fjernsynet


It seems you're only allowed to ask one person this question: "I" (instead of "du") is not accepted.


The plural I should also be accepted. The older form De would also be correct if you were talking politely to an old person.

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