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  5. "Overvejer du det?"

"Overvejer du det?"

Translation:Are you considering it?

May 10, 2015



Very similar to the Dutch 'overwegen'. I love the similarities amongst German, Danish, English and Dutch!


And probably related to English "overview".


The vejer is related to weighing, so it means to weigh two or more options in your mind.


Why is "will you consider it?" not accepted?


That seems an even more likely way to say it in English, but here they want you to practice the use of the present.

I guess that in Danish, just like in some other languages (e.g. Dutch) you can describe actions that are set in the future by using the present, especially when accompanied by an adverb like "tomorrow".

E.g. I will go/I am going to Copenhagen tomorrow==> Jeg tager til KĂžbenhavn i morgen.


Oh! That's why you don't want us to answer with "thinking it over": because that would be using the progressive! But wait, considering it is progressive, too. So what is wrong with "thinking it over", which is a common way to say the same thing?


Is there a way to tell when a v sounds like an English 'v' and when it sounds like a 'w', or do you just have to learn it as you come accross words?


If it's at the beginning of a word it doesn't. Here its over_vejer which is one COMPOUND word


Why are the two Vs in the word pronounced differently?


My guess would be because it is a compound word. The first V is in the middle of the first word while the second V is at the beginning of the second word.

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