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  5. "What disease do I have?"

"What disease do I have?"

Translation:Cén galar atá orm?

May 10, 2015



Are 'cén' and 'cad é an' interchangeable? Just got marked wrong for Cad é an galar atá orm.


Not really. Cén is more like "Which". "Which disease do I have?" Look here


In English you wouldn't say 'which time is it' but its kinda what you mean. For what reason can 'cad é an' not be used in a question such as the above? (What disease do I have?)


The explanation of Cad é an t-am é? being defined as “which” on the Gramadach na Gaeilge site is explained by looking at the original German-language version of that page here — the Irish question is translated into German as Welche Zeit ist es?, and welche is German for “which”. This is an example of an Irish → German → English translation that doesn’t match an Irish → English translation.

Only one use of cad é for English “which” is identified in the NEID, in the sense of “the particular one/ones of” — for example, it shows “tell me which days you’re free” as being translatable to abair liom cad iad na laethanta a bhfuil tú saor. The “asking for identification, selection” sense of “which” (definition #5 on the NEID page) only offers cén and cé acu as translations, which is the sense that the sentence in this exercise would need.


OK, cheers. But to be clear, is 'Cad é an galar atá orm' a valid sentence? I know 'cad é an dath atá air' is ok so why not this?


It is a grammatically valid sentence, but it’s a translation of the slightly different sentence “What is the disease that I have?” rather than of “What disease do I have?”.


When do you use cen as opposed to cad?


I think of cén ( + an) as “which” and cad as “what”.

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