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"Çok zaman sonunda ona telefon ettiğim için mutluyum."

Translation:I am happy because I called her after a long time.

May 10, 2015



Correct English translation: "I am happy that I called her after so long." (or ..."after such a long time.")


When do you tell if it is "because"?


That should be a combination of the " tık + için "


This is one of the examples where I'm not sure whether to use -dik or a gerund. Could this sentence also be written as:

"Çok zaman sonunda ona telefon etmem için mutluyum" ?


no you cannot. "için" can be used with -dik or gerund but in different contexts.

  • Ona telefon ettiğim için mutluyum: I am happy because I called him
  • Ona telefon etmem için bana para verdi: He gave me money to call him.


Cümlenin Türkçesi doğal değil. "Uzun zamandan sonra ..., Uzun bir aradan sonra ..., " şeklinde başlamalı.



Hello dear friend

I have never phoned you but I always remember you & think about you. Best wishes to you & your family.

A ^ & lingot.

Şimdi Londra'da çok sıcaklık, dayanamam ve her gün yorgunum. - (10/07/2019)

Kind regards.


Rahatladım, sormak istediğim de buydu. Teşekkürler.


Both the Turkish sentence and the English translation sound a little bit weird. Uzun bir süre sonra/uzun bir aradan sonra are more natural. I might interperet the english sentence like this: I am happy because I called her after a long time, (not earlier!).

This was my sentence which was refused by duo 'I am happy to have called her after a long time


Could italso be I am happy because I finally called her after a long time?


As there was cok zaman and sonunda I translated it as "I am happy because I finally called her after a long time" which was marked as incorrect. Why is only one expression translated into English when there are two in the Turkish sentence?


The Türkish sentence sounds quite unnatural. A more natural sounding translation should begin... "Uzun aradan/zamandan sonra"... OR "Uzun bir süreden sonra"...

"Uzun bir süreden sonra ona telefon ettigim (or aradığım) için mutluyum".


All the time there is no audio available for this sentence. Every time I am going here they say that it will be back in one hour.


Could it also be '"...ona telefon ettiğimden.."?

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