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Upvote count seems to be stuck

I think there might be a system problem with my upvote count in the immersion section. Every time I've done translations I've seen my number of upvotes increase by a steady and reasonable amount. Then a few days ago I logged in and was surprised to see that the number had jumped by over 30. Two days ago, I translated a few dozen sentences and saw no increase in my upvotes at all. Yesterday I logged in and saw that the upvotes had increased by 3. I translated another 84 sentences and saw no increase. I logged in today: no increase. I translated another 177 sentences today and still saw no increase. Statistically it seems that one of those 261 sentences should have received an upvote. Is there a system problem or is it often feast or famine with the upvotes? Thanks for listening.

May 10, 2015



I think this feature is probably broken and duo needs to address it. I haven't received any upvotes in the past few days either.


i think you're right.


add Macjory and me to that list and see this link also https://www.duolingo.com/comment/8550572


This is fixed now, sorry for the inconvenience.

Unfortunately we can't easily restore the upvotes that were not counted over the weekend, but new votes will be processed as usual.


We're looking into it - thanks for the report.


Hi bchan ..... if you look at this link, you will find a collation of the reports we've had so far ... I don't know if they've all reported individually but I don't think so. It might be helpful to you in tracking down the problem .... https://www.duolingo.com/comment/8559868 ...... I hope it's useful and thanks for looking into it.


It depends on a lot of things. There is a rather strong pattern on this site of the first third (perhaps) of an medium-length or long article being translated and at least partially checked pretty quickly, but then everyone (or almost everyone) departing to descend on another article like a horde of locusts. If you are working on an article that is already past the rapid-checking phase or if most of your edits are in the bottom two-thirds (very roughly) of the article, no one may ever review them. Or, if you are lucky, someone may come along in a month or two and correct and/or update a bunch of sentences at once.

Also not everyone has the knowledge, confidence, and motivation to check long, complicated sentences or sentences with technical vocabulary, so if many of your translations fall in that category, they are rather less likely to be checked.

There are several different ways to respond to this. A lot of people opt to swoop in on a new article and translate a modest amount from the top of the article before changing to an even newer article. This is optimal for up-votes, but probably not for learning and this strategy also may steer you to the most popular topics, whether you are interested in them or not.

Or you can decide to work through long stretches/whole articles that you are interested in and not worry about up-votes. This is great for learning (and being able to indulge your own interests), but not so great for getting comments, corrections, and up-votes on your translation.

Finally, you can figure out a way to work cooperatively with other people - work on an article together or each do an article and trade off checking (and, incidentally, up-voting, assuming the translations are fairly reasonable) or ask someone at a higher translation tier to check your article. You may have to make some compromises about which topics you work on, but if you can find people with reasonably compatible interests, this can work really well. Your learning is enhanced not just by doing more in-depth work, but by the comments of others.


Thank you so much for your thorough and educational response. I think everything you said is correct, however there does seem to be a confirmed system problem going on right now as well. I sent a message from the Help page to who I assume is tech support. Hopefully they're all over it by now.


I'm not sure if it's the same thing as you're experiencing, but there may be an upvote problem today based on what one of my immersion partners and I just saw. She just checked a number of sentences for me, but none of her upvotes, from the same tier, were recorded in my total. When I checked and upvoted her few edits, my upvotes for her corrections were not recorded either.


Were there already other upvotes (from other users) for the sentences?


Hi jrikhal, a couple of the sentences noted above had a previous upvote or two, but none that counted toward the next tier and all of them were long enough based on number of words for at least three or more possible upvotes anyway. I was the first upvoter for the few edited sentences, so those votes should have counted for her, too.


Hi VStarTraveler,

ok, I was just checking, just in case.

Given that most of the reports here are about "a (Duo) friend" upvoting me but w/o effect, I start to wonder if Duo isn't testing to limit the number of upvotes you can have from a same person (in a given tier level). Maybe to upvote someone to create 2 accounts and upvote them between each other. probably not that and just a bug, but well, who knows.


I think it is the same problem and that once enough users notice it and notify Duolingo it should be fixed pretty quickly.


languagelover0 started a separate thread about this and it's been reported to Duolingo. Hopefully they'll have it fixed soon.


I have a suggestion to make. If nobody objects, I propose that we consolidate both these streams https://www.duolingo.com/comment/8550572 and https://www.duolingo.com/comment/8548892 and send Duo a group support request listing all the names that we are aware of, a sort of petition by proxy. ..... I appreciate that we are all on different time zones and I know these are already on troubleshooting but there has been no obvious response from Duo, who, in fairness may well be working hard to solve the problem but I still think it is feasible if no one objects.

One thing which did occur to me was that we may be guinea pigs in yet another A/B test and I don't know about anyone else but I will be far from impressed if that turns out to be the case, as upvotes and tier levels are more than just a question of status, they also affect our vulnerability or otherwise to trolls. Thoughts please ?

edit, I have reported it individually.


If it's an A/B test it's a major step back, at least for new users. Seems like I picked the worst timing to start my Immersion adventure, cause after translating about 50 sentences (and having them checked) I still have a big fat zero on the counter, not very motivating. :D


Well, I'm hoping I'm wrong about that and it is just a glitch but given some of the more demotivating things they've been testing recently, it can't be completely discounted.

In your case there can be no doubt you must have been upvoted by higher tiers because, however good you are, you would still be starting on the bottom tier, so everybody must be higher. This is not a dig ... we all started there and even if you were a professional translator you'd start there. ....

If I get sufficient responses in favour I will set about collating and sending a group report, apart from anything else, if the reports go in individually it may take a while for Duo to appreciate the size of the problem, especially as there has been no visible response so far ... but maybe they are too busy trying to fix things..... Fingers crossed.

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Add me to the list too. My upvote count has been stationary for a several days, although I have been steadily translating several articles. I have reported independently too. I hope it can be sorted out soon for everyone's motivational peace of mind.


I have translated lots these last weeks in hopes of finally getting to another tiers...but no upvotes :(:(

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