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  5. "Durum kontrol altında."

"Durum kontrol altında."

Translation:The situation is under control.

May 10, 2015



Why is this not "Durum kontrolun altinda?" Just as "the book is under the table" translates into "kitap masaNIN altinda." If the situation is literally under control, shouldn't this also be the same gen. possessive format? Just curious. Thanks!


There are basically two different possessive formats. One is as you already mentioned has genitive ending in the first word. (Masanın altında - Under the table, taksinin şoförü - the driver of the taxi). The second is used when the first word (possessor) is a general or abstract noun (not indefinite or definite) and it has no genitive ending in its first word. (Freedom of speech - İfade özgürlüğü, traffic police - trafik polisi, taxi driver - taksi şoförü, under pressure - baskı altında, under control - kontrol altında)


Everytime I think I've grasped some of Turkish, there is a new rule. But that's what makes it interesting, too ^_^


Does this change for a definite abstract noun? For instance "The situation is under the control of the police" - "Durum polisin kontrolunun altında"?


No abstract nouns don't take any genitive ending even if they are definite so it would translate to 'Durum polisin kontrolü altında.'


Cool, thanks for the response!


It can't be literally under control because control is not a physical object. I believe this is why this is not in that format.


yes and it would be like it is "under the control"


...basically any time a noun has a case ending, it is "the". değil mi?


In Turkish we use suffixes according to vowels in the words.


"The condition is under control." Why not accepted?


Asayiş berkemal ekler misiniz?;)

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