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Irish "Plurals" refuses to strengthen

I was down one level in Irish Plurals and attempted to Strengthen that category. I completed the exercise six times, but it continues to remain at 4/5, and won't bring me to full strength. The other lessons don't have this problem. Wassup?

May 10, 2015



Have you tried re-doing a lesson instead of just strengthening? That helps me sometimes.


I'm having the same problem. Going to try and redo a lesson, to see if that helps.


For me, skill/de/Adjectives:-Predicative-2 fails to strengthen, also.

This is a new problem, but I can repeatedly strengthen it and gain XP, so I will do that for awhile tonight, which will certainly strengthen that skill.


I redid the lesson rather than strengthening it, and that did the trick. GRMA!

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