Lesson 1

It won't let me begin lesson 1 on Italian and French. Any ideas or solutions? Thanks

May 10, 2015


How it should work is you select the course you want to learn, you get a prompt asking you if you want to take a placement test or start from the beginning. If you select the start Basics 1 option, you should be taken to a list of lessons in that skill and you click the first lesson. Is any of that happening or nah?

Yes, but when I click on Lesson 1 nothing happens. I just go back to the same page I was on. The one that asks you what lesson you want to take. I'm new at this sight -if you didn't know that already- so I might be confusing you.

So if you go here and click on "Begin," it doesn't allow you to enter the lesson? And I understand you perfectly!

No, it just acts like it's loading and then takes me back to the same screen. I have another question, you know under the boxes where you press begin, it says tips and stuff, that wouldn't by chance be my lesson would it?

That's really weird. If you haven't already, try signing out and back in or maybe a different internet web browser. Sometimes, different internet browsers have crazy settings that do things like that. I'm sorry I don't have any better ideas! And about the Tips and Notes section, that is not your lesson. You know how in a physical textbook, there is a section before each lesson explaining what concepts that lesson will teach you? Well, the tips and notes section is the equivalent to that, not the actual exercises.

Ok thanks a lot! I will try that

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