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  5. "Bu küçük elmalar"

"Bu küçük elmalar"

Translation:These little apples

May 10, 2015



Is it that "bu" does not need to be plural because it would be redundant with "elmalar" in the plural form? Does that mean "bunlar küçük elma" would also be correct?


Yes and ""bunlar küçük elma" means "these are little apples", so has a slightly different meaning


GunnarKeiser, In "Bu küçük elmalar", "bu"-"this" is a demonstrative adjective, it modifies a specific thing, here "elmalar"="apples". "Bu" and "Bunlar"= "this"-"these" , when they are demonstrative pronoun, they are the subject of the verb 'to be" . "BU küçük elma"="THIS is a small apple" and "BUNLAR küçük elma" = "THESE are small apples". As Selcen say in her comment.


These are small apples also could be am I wrong


These are small apples: Bunlar küçük elma(lar)


i understand thank you


In these case don't you drop the plural suffix?


Why not these are small apples


Then it would be "Bu elmalar küçük(ler)"

but "these little apples" is "Bu kücük elmalar."

hope I could clear it a bit up :)


With no intended disrespect to dilara626239, I'm going to disagree with your first statement. It's a confusing topic, so I will include three sentences for comparison:

1) These are small apples = Bunlar küçük elma(lar)
2) These small apples = Bu küçük elmalar
3) These apples are small = "Bu elmalar küçük"

When "bu" is used as an adjective, it is always singular (whether it means "this" or "these"), as in: What kind of apples? ...These apples (ex. #2 and #3).

However, "bu" has multiple personalities, so it can also be a demonstrative pronoun. Ex. "Bu küçük bir elma" = "This is a small apple". In effect, we are saying: "This thing/ this fruit/ this drawing, etc.... is a small apple." So now "bu" is replacing a noun, rather than describing it. When it's used in this way, "bu" always means singular ("this"), and we're finally allowed to pluralize when necessary... and "bunlar" is born! Bunlar küçük = These are small; Bunlar küçük elma(lar) = These are small apples. (ex. #1)

As a sidenote: "Bu" sentences can sometimes be ambiguous (ex. “Bu su” = “This water” –OR – “This is water”), but "bunlar" is always a demonstrative pronoun.

And that's the long, scenic way around to answering Akash's question: "Why not These are small apples?" Hope it helps anyone who took the time to read it! :-)


These apples are small Right or ?


Is the following true: If the adjective is after the noun like "bu elmalar küçük" then it means these apples are small or these are small apples, while if the adjective is before the noun like "bu küçük elmalar" then it means that these small apples!!! And i am confused about the difference between "bu küçük elmalar" and "bunlar küçük elmalar" why does the second mean these apples are small if the adjective is before the noun.


"bunlar" can never be an adjective...it is always a demonstrative pronoun meaning "These (ones)." Adjectives in Turkish will always be singular.


Not "little", but "small"


How about Bunu instead of Bu?


"Bunu" is in the Accusative Case. It can only be used as a definite direct object. (ex. "Bunu buldum" = "I found this".) In this case, however, "Bu" is an adjective... which will always be a simple "bu" :-)


What the different between elmalar and elmalari ?


Yapamayan var mı bu kadar kolay soruyu


Evet, anlamiyorum :((


I think bunlar is better than bu


Nope....when "bu" is being used as an adjective, it is always singular.


is "these apples are small" also correct?


I said: these littler apples , and the corrector said me - thats wrong, and after that writte the same..i dont see the diference. Someone explain me please.


If you're typing it exactly like that, you have a typo: these littler apples. There shouldn't be an 'r' on the end of "little".


Why ( these are little apples) is wrong??


Small is wrong??? :((


Teşekkürler Yomalyn


Shouldnt it be "bunlar küçük elmalar"

<pre> Bu kücük elma : these small apples Bu elmalar küçük : these apples are small Bunlar küçük elmalar : these are small apples </pre>

I put those tree sentences together and i notice in the two last ones that the suffix "lar" "introduce" the verb "are". It's difficult not to refer to french language. But if i have to translate a türkish text, i can't do otherwise, isn't it? If there is no verb "to be" in türkish, i can't stop myself anticipating and imagining there are suffixes to express the past: "apples were small this year"................


I think i have the explanation above. Thanks Yomalyne


why can't this be "these are small apples"


These are small apples = Bunlar küçük elma


i knw that bu means this nd bunlar means these. so why bu means these here?


I made a post about this higher up on the page in response to Akash_Polyglot... It's a bit long, but I think it will answer your question. If it's still unclear, I'll do my best to help :-)


In englısh there are no Lıttle apples... They say small apples.


Bu mean this and bunlar mean these. This one is wrong


Bunlar can only be a demonstrative pronoun... NOT a demonstrative adjective. When we are using "this" or "these" as an adjective, Turkish will always use "bu".

  • bu küçük elmalar = these small apples
  • Bunlar küçük elma(lar). = These are small apples.

I made a post comparing "bu" and "bunlar" higher up on this page (in response to Akash_Polyglot). It's a bit long, but it might help you understand the difference. If it's still unclear, let me know and I'll do my best to help :-)


Why Is bu translated as these here


AliAlhakei, Selcen gives a clear explanation in her comment above, just on comments' top. Take time to read it! Ok?!


Why is bu translation is these?


So 'Bunlar küçük elmalar' would be incorrect? We do not pluralize Bu and elma in the same time?


(These little apples... What ?) This sentence is wrong , it should be (These ARE little apples), you are talking about the apples and indicate that they are little so (ARE) is necessary here.


Rebean, "bu küçük elamalar" and "bu elamalar küçük". do you know the difference? "Bu küçük elmalar"= "these little apples" as in "these little apples are very good"="bu küçük elmalar çok güzel!". "Bu elmalar küçük"= "those apples are little".

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