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  5. "The general director."

"The general director."

Translation:Den generelle direktør.

May 10, 2015



Why is this generelle and not general?


Because of the definite article. When you have the construction of "[Definite Article] [Adjective] [Noun]", the adjective always takes the "e-form"

For example:
Et stort hus = A big house
Det store hus = The big house
Huset er stort = The house is big
The same applies to common gender as well
En smuk pige = A beautiful girl
Den smukke pige = The beautiful girl
Pigen er smuk = The girl is beautiful


Thank you for teaching me :)


Thanks for clarify

[deactivated user]

    "Den generelle direktør" makes no sense in Danish. In Danish, the leader of an institution, an NGO, a non-profit etc. is called "generaldirektør", "direktør" or "formand".

    And is there even such a thing as a "general director" in English? Shouldn't it be "director general"?


    Actually, now I think about it, you're right. You can have a director-general (e.g. Director-General of the BBC) and a general manager (both different things) in English, "a general director" does make some sort of sense in the context of a usual director, but I can't really imagine what that would be anyway. Though I'm so clued up on business titles which is probably why this didn't seem too odd when I first read the English


    dit svar er lige min mening !!!


    It is meaningless in English - I think they probably looking for general manager. There are lots of mistakes in this section.


    Please see the posts. If generalle direktør makes no sense på dansk, please replace this with a correct statement that works in the language.


    "general" can mean common and normal, in English as well as in Danish. Common directors may exist, but normal directors? If the Duo-sentence refer to the top-manager amongst other directors the Danish title would be "Administrerende direktør"


    Why is it "den" and not "det"?


    I think because the indefinite article is "en"


    In English there is a general director in a hospital setting, however i also believe it is more likely to be referring to a general manager


    Why den generelle direktør and not generelle direktøren?

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