"Çabuk ol!"

Translation:Hurry up!

May 10, 2015



I know this wasn't part of the sentence but I've been wondering; what is the difference between birlikte and beraber? The both mean together, right?

January 16, 2016


As far as I know they both mean the same thing and they're interchangeable.

January 16, 2016


I have done a little more research and broke up birlikte. Could someone tell me if this is correct: bir means one lik means 'ness te means in. So birlikte means in oneness, or unity, right? So is beraber more for a group that is together?

January 17, 2016


Yes its etymology is that but final meaning is being a group with unity so beraber and birlikte are synonyms. (The difference is beraber is persian origin)

May 30, 2018


Does "haydi!" means the same?

April 14, 2016


Sort of, yes :) It could also just mean "Come on!"

April 14, 2016
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