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  5. "Çabuk ol!"

"Çabuk ol!"

Translation:Hurry up!

May 10, 2015



"Çabuk ol!" Translation: Hurry up!


Be quick! - Correct other answer accepted by Duo.


Çabuk has a persian root چابک


Does "haydi!" means the same?


Sort of, yes :) It could also just mean "Come on!"


I know this wasn't part of the sentence but I've been wondering; what is the difference between birlikte and beraber? The both mean together, right?


As far as I know they both mean the same thing and they're interchangeable.


I have done a little more research and broke up birlikte. Could someone tell me if this is correct: bir means one lik means 'ness te means in. So birlikte means in oneness, or unity, right? So is beraber more for a group that is together?


Yes its etymology is that but final meaning is being a group with unity so beraber and birlikte are synonyms. (The difference is beraber is persian origin)


Why can't you say Speed up?


May i say : - be quickly? Is it the same?


That's not correct in English. The closest would be "Be quick!", but that's not typical. "Quickly!" or "Be quick about it!" (military) are normal expressions. "Hurry" and "Hurry up" are very common. "Hurry up!" is informal, and could sound a bit angry.


It is extremely poor pedagogy to introduce brand-new words and expressions in the "Strengthen X" units. That constitutes brand-new learning, which should be included in the main units.

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I wouldn't call it 'extremely poor'. 'Dubious', maybe, or 'questionable'. Or simply 'bad'.

Furthermore, as far as I know the exercices used in the 'strengthen' units are taken straight from the regular units. Duo should keep score on those words and sentences you make the most errors on, and present these in the 'strengthen' exercices.

On the other hand, Duo certainly isn't perfect, so it's perfectly possible that what you described happens now and again.

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