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Hıdırellez? (Celebrating the start of summer)


Photo gallery: http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/Default.aspx?pageID=447=2520=1#2173

Did anyone celebrate this? Or does anyone know more about it? :)

"The harbinger of summer in the Turkic cultural world, Hıdırellez, was celebrated with various festivities on the evening of May 5, with gatherings across Turkey. " (article continues at link below...)


May 10, 2015



most of us don't really celebrate it but still have some wishes :) So we "draw" our wish and then either bury it under a rose bush or throw it on some sort of water; river, lake, sea etc


Oh, that sounds like a lovely way to handle a wish! :)


I remember my mom forcing me to write down a wish of mine on a piece of paper. I was like "Okay, fine, I'll do it some time," but she wouldn't have it. She would insist: "No, I know you won't. I'm going out now to run some errands, and I'll bury the papers on my way back. So do it now!" ;p It was a serious thing for her!


Oh my! :) Did your wishes come true? :)


Nah, I was just a kid and would write down things like: "Dear Hıdırellez. I wanna be the Superman. Yours sincerely."


Hah, based on your activity on Duo, that must have worked out. You seriously seem like a superhuman language learner sometimes.


:D How did that turn out? ;)


So seasons in Turkey begin and end at the cross quarters rather than the solstices and equinoxes? That's the traditional Celtic way of reckoning them. Irish usage still more or less follows that.


Oh, interesting observation! Hadn't thought of that! :)


I've been there in 2010...a kind of folk music festival and a lot of people to attend... anyway great night...unfortunately i don't remember perfectly for various reasons :), but i can say I enjoyed it a lot!


Hi vastasio, Thanks for sharing! It does look fun! :)


Yes, very fun ;) another tip I remember, the tradition says that if you express a desire in that night, it will become true...

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