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"Sen bu kitabı kolayca okursun."

Translation:You read this book easily.

May 10, 2015



What is the difference between "kolayca" and "rahat rahat"?


rahat rahat is very informal. those kinds of repeated adverbs are usually informal.


Oh ok. Thanks


I think rahat rahat has a slightly other meaning. As to my knowledge rahat rahat means "very calmly"


Why ' You would read this book easily ' is not accepted ?


Okursun is present tense, the correct answer should actually be "you will read this book easily" I reported that correction to Duo.


No. Would is implied.


In the Turkish sentence yes, "will" (not "would") isn't a separate explicit word present in the sentence, it is implied as you said. But when translated to English the implication of "will" (not "would") is lost entirely, that is why the correct translation should be "You will read this book easily" for it to fully reflect the meaning of the sentence in Turkish.

If the "correct" answer as it stands is left alone, it can easily be misread/misinterpreted as past tense "You read this book easily".

FYI: The reason it is "will", and not "would" as you said, is because "okursun" is in the present tense; "would" be correct if it had been "okurdun".


What is the difference between okursun and okuyorsun?


Okursun = you read(2nd singular) or you would read Okuyorsun = you are reading


The future prefix is: "acak". Why is it not either "kolaycak" or "Kolayacak ? Is it an exception? I just need to know if there are exceptions in the future prefixes also. Thanks.


kolay is an adjective, kolayca is the adverb. That has nothing to do with future tense on verbs.


Actually "you CAN easily read this book" is implied.


agreed....The sentence 'You read this book easily' doesn't really make sense in English ..or, if it does somewhere out there, it would be a very oddly constructed situation where it worked.


Wouldn't "you read this book with ease" be correct?


"Sen bu kitabı kolayca okursun" ("You will be able to read this book easily"), therefore, "Sen bu kitabı kolayca okuyabilirsin" ("You can read this book easily").

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