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"Kaplumbağa yürür ve köpek koşar."

Translation:The turtle walks and the dog runs.

May 10, 2015



How do you say "Turtles walk and dogs run"?


You would have to use the plural suffix on the subjects "Kaplumbağalar yüyür(ler) ve köpekler koşar(lar)." The plural suffix on the verb is entirely optional.


Is it because indefinite nouns cannot stand in the beginning of a sentence?


Indefinite nouns can definite be at the beginning of the sentence. It is indefinite direct objects that cannot be :)


Yes, I know that. My question was not clear enough. I will try to explain it better. For example "kitap" standing within a sentence could be translated as "a book", "the book" and sometimes as "books", but standing in the beginning of a sentence I think it never could be translated as "books". In this case it would be necessary to write "Kitaplar". Hopefully I could explain good enough now, what I wanted to ask


A yani "bir" nerede


Nerede "bir" olması lazım?

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