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"Seus olhos são bonitos, mas eu prefiro os meus, porque sem os meus eu não posso ver os seus."

Translation:Your eyes are beautiful, but I prefer mine, because without mine I can't see yours.

May 10, 2015

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What a crazy thing to say. Not to mention how ridiculously long the sentence is.


It's not crazy at all. It is a very sweet thing to say.


How sweet! <3

But this sentence is again said by a man, isn't it? If I'm right: How would a woman say that instead?


This sentence is actually unisex, believe it or not. You don't change the gender of a noun because you're talking to a woman. The noun forms don't change. "Seus olhos" means "your eyes" and it can be a man's eyes or a woman's eyes.


You can say "os olhos dela" for "her eyes," but whether you're talking to a man or a woman, "your eyes" remains "seus olhos."


Muito obrigada, meu/minha (?) português professor/a :-) Or the other way around: professor/a de português... Don't know :-)


Meu/minha professor(a) de português (My teacher of portuguese). That would be the correct way of saying it in portuguese.

I'm not completely sure but I think we don't ever say anything like "Portuguese teacher", you always have to say something like "Teacher of portuguese". There always needs to be a preposition connecting the 2 words.


Muito obrigada, outra vez :-)



Exactly what I was trying to say! Thank you!


Are you calling me your professor? I'm just another learner here, and I'm certainly not fluent. But in the case of a female professor you'd say "minha professora" and for a man you'd say "meu professor." For nationality you can say "minha professora brasileira" or "meu professor brasileiro." I would likely say "minha professora de português" but I'm not sure because it sounds clumsy. Good questions!


I learned "professor" stands for "teacher" and why can't a fellow learner be a teacher at the same time? My questions to "meu/minha professor/a" etc. were simply asked, because I don't know if you're a man or woman :-)


Whatever floats your boat - but I said in an earlier comment que sou uma mulher. Então, se você quer saber alguma coisa sobre mim, vá em frente... Não tente ocultar o significando das suas perguntas... haha


Some real shade arround all this posts


In English, as in Portuguese, the word "eyes" may be stated just once -- "Your eyes are pretty, but I prefer my own, because without mine I can't see yours" -- and The Owl should accept it ...


shouldn't "porque sem os meus eu não posso ver os seus." be subjunctive? "porque sem os meus, eu não possa ver os seus"?


Perhaps the conditional “poderia” would be better ... ?


Hi guys! The first comment here (why I can't see the author nickname?) refers to a long, too long, sentence.

What is flirting if you don't spend the due time? If you don't pay attention? If you don't care about the person you would 'reach'?

And different words, chosen composing the sentence, will make different results in feelings, as well as the sound, like music, produced by this composition of words.

Finally, is there someone helping me to understand if the sentence 'Your eyes are good, but I prefer my ones. Because without my eyes I couldn't see your ones' is good, even if DL refused it as wrong?


I was marked won't for this because i didn't use 'but'. Every other part was exact.......


the purpose of the exercise is to repeat and translate the phrase so they mark off small mistakes. The word "but'" in the sentence shows a change in thought- "your eyes are beautiful, but... I prefer mine..."


Isn't BONITAS proper when referring to a female eyes?


No, "olhos" are always masculine.

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