"Børnene måtte ikke se tv."

Translation:The children were not allowed to watch TV.

May 10, 2015



The male voice expands "tv" as "til venstre", which does not make too much sense in this context.

February 4, 2019


Native speaker here. Even though watch tv is more common in many regions, see tv is also correct and used in other regions, just as in the case of watching or seeing a movie. See tv thus, should also be accepted. The preference of which to use is more of a regional thing.

June 26, 2018


I am from the north of england and every one would say ' to see TV'

April 4, 2017


Really 'The children were not allowed to see TV' why is that wrong? It says 'se' means both 'see and watch'

May 10, 2015

[deactivated user]

    "to see TV" doesn't make any sense in English, though.. Does it? Of course "se" can mean both "to see" and "to watch", but "to see" is incorrect in English in the context of watching TV.

    May 11, 2015


    As a native English speaker, see is used interchangeably with watch. You are right though, watch does sound better.

    February 16, 2019


    To see TV and to watch TV make perfect sense they mean the same thing.

    May 11, 2015

    [deactivated user]

      Never in my life have I heard anyone say "to see TV". To me, that would only be correct if you were seeing the physical TV, rather that watching what's being shown on it. (e.g. "I see a TV in the living room.")

      Where are you from? It might be a regional thing.

      May 11, 2015


      I am from England, I think in the context of this sentence 'to see TV' is fine but if it's wrong then I accept that.

      May 12, 2015


        I'm from England (South East) and I can't think of a context where "to see TV" makes sense. One can say "see something on TV", and even then doesn't sound right in present tense unless you're seeing an object or person on TV ("I see you on TV!" but "I saw that episode last night"). But again, it could be a regional thing even within England.

        May 12, 2015


        How would we know this is past tense?

        June 20, 2017


        Because of the måtte. Present tense would use .

        April 19, 2018


        Nothing wrong with see. Duolingo makes many many mistakes in Danish, you need a new voice in order to vary the lessons and to pronounce a great number of dialogues correctly. I know, I am Anglo Danish and I am disappointed that the lessons have a far lower standard than the other languages I follow

        August 19, 2017


        t.v. should be abbreviated as such and not tv.

        September 20, 2017
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