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  5. "Børnene måtte ikke se tv."

"Børnene måtte ikke se tv."

Translation:The children were not allowed to watch TV.

May 10, 2015



The male voice expands "tv" as "til venstre", which does not make too much sense in this context.


The lower-case abbreviations "tv" and "th" are used for addresses in Danish apartment buildings, for "til venstre" (to the left) and "til højre" (to the right), respectively. As in 2.tv meaning on the second floor above the ground floor, to the left. (Ground floor is abbreviated "st." for "stue".)


So this pronunciation is simply wrong in this context, right?


Native speaker here. Even though watch tv is more common in many regions, see tv is also correct and used in other regions, just as in the case of watching or seeing a movie. See tv thus, should also be accepted. The preference of which to use is more of a regional thing.


There's a problem with the male voice reading the sentence. He says "til venstre" instead of "tv", which means "to the left" and not television.


6 months and no fix for TV and TIL VENSTRE...


I am from the north of england and every one would say ' to see TV'


Really 'The children were not allowed to see TV' why is that wrong? It says 'se' means both 'see and watch'

[deactivated user]

    "to see TV" doesn't make any sense in English, though.. Does it? Of course "se" can mean both "to see" and "to watch", but "to see" is incorrect in English in the context of watching TV.


    As a native English speaker, see is used interchangeably with watch. You are right though, watch does sound better.


    How would we know this is past tense?


    Because of the måtte. Present tense would use .


    Nothing wrong with see. Duolingo makes many many mistakes in Danish, you need a new voice in order to vary the lessons and to pronounce a great number of dialogues correctly. I know, I am Anglo Danish and I am disappointed that the lessons have a far lower standard than the other languages I follow


    t.v. should be abbreviated as such and not tv.


    Yeah. That's wrong


    It actually says "Børnene måtte ikke se til venstre." How was I meant to know " til venstre" means TV?

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