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  5. "Lei ha i cuscini sui divani."

"Lei ha i cuscini sui divani."

Translation:She has the pillows on the couches.

December 24, 2012



This woman speaking is terrible. I just had a native speaker listen to the "full speed" version, and confirmed that it sounds like she says "Le miei cuscini sui divani", which makes no sense. Only by listening to the slow version does she become intelligible.


I frequently encounter the misplaced 'mi' after both lei and ogni in various sentences. I report it every time.


To me it sounds like "tui divani"


In England we usually have cushions on sofas and pillows on beds


When do you say "divano" and when do you say "sofĂ "?


Besides "couch" and "sofa," we also use the word "divan" in English for this particular item of furniture. It should be accepted as a valid response where these three terms are indicated.


Oxford American Dictionary says a "divan" is a low sofa without a back or arms. Is there an Italian speaker here that can chime in if there is another word for such a piece of furniture?


"A low sofa without a back or arms" This is simply a bed :)


In England, divan is not interchangeable with the words couch/sofa/settee. I have never heard a sofa called a divan.


In Bulgarian, diwan is also called a sofa xD

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