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  5. "Öğretmen kahve içer."

"Öğretmen kahve içer."

Translation:The teacher drinks coffee.

May 11, 2015



Why its wrong to say 'teacher drinks coffee


i think the reason of our (u,sarah,me&others) incorrect answer is "unknown subject"


You have to write the before because you are taking about a specific teacher


If I want to talk about a specific teacher, I would put bu, şu or o before öğretmen.


(The )teacher drinks coffee


I wonder why teacher drinks coffee is wrong


In general ,a noun needs an article. A teacher or the teacher. There are some exceptions though:))


Because they are giving a class


Ögrenci and ögretmen...could someone please explain the etymology? I can see both nouns have a common part "ögre", what does it mean?


Öğretmen comes from "öğretmek" which means "to teach". And öğrenci comes from "öğrenmek" which basically means "to learn".


I translated this sentence as "Teachers drink coffee." If "teachers" in my English sentence isn't referring to a group of teachers, shouldn't my answer also be accepted or am I misunderstanding grammar?


Well, when talking about the general behaviour of any teacher, either singular or plural works and the meaning is close enough, I guess. But note that Turkish too can use the plural: Öğretmenler kahve içer, so there's no reason not to do a translation that matches the original sentence 1-1.

So, for this one, the options are either "the teacher drinks coffee" or "a teacher drinks coffee".


I could be remembering wrong, but I thought in some of the earlier lessons, there would be a sentence like "Fil su icer" that meant "Elephants drink water." I'm wondering why the same can't be said here?


If the plural does not show on the subject, shouldn't it show on the verb?
http://www.turkishlanguage.co.uk/aoristpos.htm I think the preference is to use the plural ending on the subject. but not bother with the plural ending on the verb. My memory is of " Filler su içer." when I was expecting "Filler su içerler."

I think the general plural is shown with the singular noun when used as a direct object. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/7736911


Doesn't Turkish have غ in its language in Turkey? Or it is some places like Istanbul that غ has been changed into ğ? Or it is just Turkish in Iran that has غ ?


Ottoman Turkish had this letter.


Why doesn't "kahve" have the accusative suffix here?


It means the teacher drinks coffee in general.

With the suffix, it means the teacher drinks "the coffee," meaning some particular coffee.


Öğretmen kahve içer.

Does it imply a specific teacher? The article "the" in the translation got me thinking. Why it's wrong to say "teacher drinks coffee"?


Öğretmen kahve içer.

Does it imply a specific teacher? The article "the" in the translation got me thinking. Why it's wrong to say "teacher drinks coffee"?


Did not we learn that to use "the" we have to use vowels like "ı" in the end of the world, for example yağı?


I use the when word starts with capital letter.works for me I am totally a newbie


It put me wrong "the professor drinks coffee". Isn't it "öğretmen" teacher and professor? Or is there a distinction?


I didn't understand that mesliğim in some parts came (professional) some parts (job) n some parts (unemployed) exactly what is the meaning?


I'm offended to be stereotyped like this. We don't all drink coffee...


Why G is always on silent mood? In every word.. For example degil, ogretmen ,kaplumbaga etc

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